Dr Peter Culshaw


Director, The Culshaw Computer Partnership extendedwarrantyrefunds.com


Preetam is a thorough professional. He is extremely generous with his time, has strong technical expertise and a fantastic personality at the same time.

Richard Wellum

Microservices & Agile Architecture Specialist

Preetam was brought into teams I was working with who were in an ongoing SAFe agile transformation. Preetam brought a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm to his role and helped the teams with some significant breakthroughs. One of the main challenges one team had struggled with was the release cycle, with a long over-hanging regression testing window; by analysing and tackling root causes and encouraging the team to look at the problem differently this cycle was shortened drastically. But more than this, the team for the first time started to feel empowered to tackle issues for themselves.

Another area where Preetam’s guidance was a revelation to the team was in his retrospective facilitation, where the team were really able to appreciate a fresh approach and start to own their journey to unlock the benefits of agility.

Daniel de Kock

Director, DDK Consultants Limited


It was a pleasure to work with someone so passionate about Agile. I found Preetam to be an excellent facilitator and organizer; streamlining the team and helping us to be more efficient in what we do.

Liza Nguyen

Senior Software Developer


Preetam was a great asset to the team at FACE IT. He is good-natured and has been a joy to work with. He has been integral in introducing more structured processes across various products and teams with his knowledge of agile mindset. His contributions have certainly not gone unnoticed.

Simon Bennett

Founder & Director, SEED


Preetam has a friendly and analytical style that makes him very enjoyable to work with. A deep understanding of an Agile working ways and how to implement it in the work place.