1. Flux – simplest product development framework

  2. Adapt to Inspect Ratio (AIR)


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Preetam De

Simplifying organisations by focusing on making others better around me, so the impact lasts in my absence. A pragmatic leader known to create a sense of purpose while serving cross functional teams trying to improve the flow efficiency. A leader who serves lean/agile teams, leadership and organisation with empathy and selfless attitude. Mirror to the aspiring companies and a certified change agent with past experiences working as a Scrum Master/Agile Coach, Product Owner, Agile Delivery Lead, QA Manager, Business Analyst, Developer In Test & Manual tester (& a call centre agent, cook, waiter, laboratory assistant, contributory lecturer and private tutor)

Current Specialty

❏ Scrum Practitioner
❏ Kanban Practitioner

❏ Flux Practitioner
❏ Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) Practitioner
❏ Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) Practitioner
❏ eXtreme Programming (XP) Practitioner
❏ Helping organisations become agile
❏ SAFe Experience
❏ Practitioner of the business layering of BDD step definitions.
❏ Practitioner of personas implementation in BDD and ATDD.
❏ Practitioner of User Story Mapping.
❏ Practitioner of Impact Mapping.